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Gabe Castro Web Development

I'm currently studying and learning Code and soon avaliable for work.


Hi, I'm Gabe. I'm learning to be a full stack web developer.

The Website Development Process and Basic Languanges Used.

With half the world population online and using the internet, our goal is to help bring the world to your Web Site thru interaction with your favorite Social Media platforms and SEO Search Engine Optimization to help your market your internet business.

Web Design

A striking and well organized web page layout will greately enhance your appeal to your target audience. At frist glance you neet to capture your potential customer and communicate your products and services in seconds.

Need help building a web site or up-dating your site?

Make note of what you feel works well and what falls short, and then identify your goals for what you’d like to include in your site. You can worry about how to achieve those goals later.
Building a site isn't easy, and neither is conceptualizing one. Professional web developers often have help from clients who can share their visions of what the site should be, but even then, a lot of employers tend to rely on developer insight. This back and forth between client and developer is often referred to as agile development. You'll need to be able to figure out the functions, necessary features, overall appearance and theme, site navigation options, interface layout, and amount of content you'll need— to name a few.


Web Hosting

WordPress Development

Responsive Websites

SSL Certificate



Web Development

Web Design

PowerPoint Presentation

Link Social media to website